Failure to Comply with the Act 

Inadmissibility for non-compliance with the Act is a very broad category of inadmissibility for any act or omission that is contrary to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.  This includes:


    • Entering Canada to remain on a permanent basis without first obtaining a permanent resident visa or entering Canada to remain on a temporary basis without first obtaining a temporary resident visa.
    • Entering Canada to study or work without first obtaining a study or work permit (except where permitted). Studying or working without authorization while in Canada.
    • Not answering questions truthfully or producing required relevant documents.
    • Failing to appear for a hearing or for examination.
    • Not holding the required documents to enter Canada.
    • Returning to Canada without authorization after deportation or within 12 months of exclusion.
    • Remaining in Canada beyond the period authorized (overstay).
    • Being a permanent resident and not complying with the residency requirement.
    • Others