If you are being removed from Canada, you may be eligible for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA), which is used to determine whether removing you to a certain country would result in a danger of torture, risk of persecution, or risk to your life or of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment. Once you are “removal-ready” a CBSA officer will inform you if you are eligible for a PRRA, at which point you must submit the relevant form within 15 days. If it is your first PRRA, this results in a regulatory stay of removal until a decision is made. Within 30 days, you must submit accompanying submissions and this is your final opportunity to show evidence of why you have a legitimate fear of returning to your country and should therefore be allowed to remain in Canada. This application is very difficult and will determine the course of your future, so you should seek the services of an experienced immigration professional. 

You may not apply if in the previous 12 months you made a refugee claim or a PRRA application which was abandoned, withdrawn, or refused, and if the Federal Court refused to review the decision (with the exception of certain countries). Other circumstances may prevent you from applying for a PRRA, for instance, if you have already made a refugee claim in certain other countries, or you are subject to extradition. Our lawyers can study your case and advise you on your eligibility for any applicable strategies to keep you in Canada.