Before proceeding with any application or travel to Canada, you should always check the current entry requirements related to COVID-19, which are continuously evolving and may affect your circumstances.

I am originally from China and I came to Canada as a permanent resident over ten years ago. I became a Canadian citizen last year, and now I reside primarily in China. I would like to renounce my citizenship because the Chinese government does not allow dual citizenship and I would like to maintain my Chinese citizenship for several reasons. If I renounce my Canadian citizenship, can I re-obtain my permanent residence status?

If you choose to renounce your Canadian citizenship, you will have no status in Canada and will not revert to permanent residence status. In order to renounce status, you must:

    • be a citizen of a country other than Canada or become a citizen of a country other than Canada if your application to renounce is approved; 
    • not live in Canada; 
    • be at least 18 years old; 
    • not be a threat to Canada’s security or part of a pattern of criminal activity; 
    • not be prevented from understanding the significance of renouncing your Canadian citizenship by reason of having a mental disability; and 
    • not be subject to revocation of citizenship proceedings.

You should consider this decision very carefully with legal advice. If you want to return to Canada, you will need to obtain a new permanent or temporary residence visa.