Sponsorship Appeal

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who applied to sponsor your spouse, common law partner, or conjugal partner, or applied to sponsor a family member and their application for permanent residence was refused, you have the option to file for an appeal with the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). Within 30 days of receiving the decision, you must file a Notice of Appeal. This sets into motion the next steps before the hearing takes place, which have specific deadlines and procedures. Only in certain cases, an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) conference may be used to reach an agreement without going to a full hearing. If the refusal was correct in fact and law, an appeal can still succeed if there are sufficient humanitarian and compassionate grounds considering all the circumstances of the case. Our lawyers can ensure you do not miss any deadlines and that you are properly presenting your case before the IAD, including all relevant materials and available witnesses. The level of preparation for your sponsorship appeal can make all the difference in whether you and your family members will be reunited in Canada.